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Meet  Zabu


With businesses becoming more reliant on online services, and cybercrime more common and easier than ever, most businesses simply do not have resources to stay on top of cybersecurity needs. As a business leader, you hope your business is secure, but hope is not a strategy. At zabu, we are passionate about providing clarity and empowering you to take control of your cybersecurity so you can know you are secure.


Zabu makes it easy for businesses to protect themselves from today’s cybersecurity threats. We want to help you understand your business's cyber risks and provide the means to make informed decisions that will keep your business always protected, and you sleeping at night.


Our intuitive plain language platform will show your security status at a glance, and provide you with an ongoing roadmap for security improvements and proposed action plan for remediation. And all the while zabu will continuously keep an eye on your environment to show you when remediations have been completed and to pinpoint new vulnerabilities as they are detected.

What is Zabu?


We’ll keep your business safe and you worry-free. We use industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks to ensure that your business requirements are met, and new industry threats are identified as quickly as possible.


We make it simple for you. We know you are busy running your company, so we present the most relevant information to make the best decisions for your business. If assistance is required, our team will provide plain and simple direction to resolve issues or set you up with one of our trusted industry partners in your area.


We make the effort to understand, engage and learn about your business. We identify your needs to provide the means to visualize your business’s cyber risk in visuals and language you can understand. We also provide the means to easily communicate with your IT team to complete required security tasks. Remediations can be planned and are trackable when completed.


We have your best interest in mind. We will not hide any information from you. All information about your company will be accessible to you at any time, and we will not share any private information about your company. We only work with vendors and partners that uphold the security standards required to keep your information safe.

meet the team

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Derek Wong

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CTO & Co-Founder

Kathryn_far_circle crop.png

Kathryn Vandenberg

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CEO & Co-Founder

Dan_far_circle crop.png

Dan Loeppky

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Digital Media Manager

Lisa_far_circle crop.png

Lisa Yue

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Technical Project Manager

Gagan_far_circle crop.png

Gagandeep Kaur

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Security Researcher

Agnes_far_circle crop.png

Agnes Lech

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Training Design Specialist/Researcher



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295 Hagey Blvd, Waterloo, ON, Canada  |  Tel: 226-666-2460

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